Daydream Coffee
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Let Yourself Daydream

Get your coffee on your time, and save the inconvenience of it being another errand.

Our Daydream

Nathan and Kelsey decided to start Daydream Coffee during the summer of 2019, however their passion for coffee starts long before.

Coffee has always been a reason to slow down and enjoy the moment, an excuse to take it all in. Whether early in the morning prepping for your day, cuddled up with a good book, or winding down after a late night with friends. We look back on our first date and remember it was over a cup of coffee, and we knew we had something special together.

It had always been a dream of ours to open a business that provides deliciously crafted and ecologically sustainable coffee, and to be the people bringing that moment to you.

That's when the gears began to spin. What could be more sustainable or convenient than a coffee bike? You no longer have to stop or plan your cup of coffee ahead of time because it’s already there - waiting for you at work, at the art festival, or the farmers market.

That's how our Daydream came to life.


We offer a rotation of carefully crafted concoctions that are sure to brighten your day and provide the escape you need. Whether your escape is fueled by a perfect, creamy, nitro cold brew, or you need a little extra pick me up and choose one of our delicious nitro lattes, our goal is to leave you with a smile on your face and a perfect beverage in your hand.



When I was in high school, I would slip away to the local bookstore any chance I could just to sit down with a book and have a cup of coffee. I still find myself doing that today when I need an escape. Coffee is a chance to have a conversation with friends, to tell stories, and to connect with those around you on a personal level. I have been passionate for years about crafting a good cup of coffee and sharing it with others. The first time I went from pre-ground coffee to grinding it fresh and using a french press, my eyes were opened. And I probably wore my friends and family out talking about the difference. I hope I can share that with you.

- Kelsey


I have loved sitting down with a good cup of coffee for as long as I can remember. Sitting by the window on a rainy day with a fresh cup and a book allows for an escape from day-to-day life. Sharing that feeling of relaxation with others is what drove me to want to start this business. Combine that with our love of biking and we had no choice but to move forward. I hope you are able to enjoy it as well.

- Nathan